GRUPO ZARAGOZÁ energizes its first photovoltaic plant in Spain during the State of Alarm

Grupo Zaragozá has managed to complete the project commissioned by the German company Athos Solar on time , even though we are in the midst of the world crisis due to the COVID-19.

The project, developed and built by Grupo Zaragozá, under an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract for the German company Athos Solar, is a 39,751 MWp photovoltaic installation.

The photovoltaic plant, which has been under construction for 5 months, is located in the town of Bonete (Albacete), a 70 hectares facility with 104,608 Wp modules mounted on horizontal axis trackers and 10 power stations that will produce 85,000 MWh, with the capacity to provide renewable energy to more than 32,000 homes.

This photovoltaic plant of almost 40 MWp is the first, built in Spain, of the current portfolio of 600 MWp that Grupo Zaragozá has. The following projects in this portfolio, distributed in different Spanish provinces, are in a good state of development and are expected to be started up during 2021 and 2022. A clean, inexhaustible, non-polluting, environmentally friendly energy that, since its legalization in Spain, allows the generation of electricity for public consumption and/or self-consumption.

Grupo Zaragozá specializes in the development, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and O&M (Operation & Maintenance) of photovoltaic plants, offering since 2006 a sustained and profitable growth based on its own philosophy of service and quality, a strong social commitment and an innovative business strategy. The Spanish group, with offices in different parts of Europe, such as Italy and the United Kingdom, where it has built and operates photovoltaic plants, includes the operation in the United Kingdom of the photovoltaic plant that generates electricity for Coca Cola European Partners, located in Leeds.

At this time and despite the inconveniences, derived from the State of Alarm, the experience and knowledge of the sector, its focus and values and the commitment of its team, has allowed it to reach the milestone of the energization process, scheduled for the spring of 2020, taking the necessary actions and measures to ensure the health security of the team and collaborating partners at all times.

At a time of great human awareness of the impact that our actions have on the planet, Grupo Zaragozá has completed this project, which will contribute to a CO2 emission saving of 29,185 Tn/year, generating clean and renewable energy through one of our most precious assets, the sun.