Construction – EPC

GRUPO ZARAGOZÁ specializes in the development and production of “turnkey” engineering projects, on ground or rooftops all over the world.

We take care of everything necessary, from design, construction, legalization, connection to the national grid, commissioning, project financing, insurance policies up to the O & M (operation and maintenance) services.

All the facilities we develop and build use materials of the highest quality to ensure proper operation, longer life and investment performance.

Ground preparation and structure installation

The construction process of a photovoltaic plant begins by preparing the ground, necessary to lay the foundation and subsequent installation of the structure that will hold the panels.

Trenches for electrical wiring

Once the structure has been installed, trenches and conduits with electrical wiring are performed. We adapt the best solution to the characteristics of the terrain and the regulations and particularities of each country.

Cabins construction

Once conduits and wiring are performed, cabin to accommodate inverters and, where appropriate, electric MV to LV transformer station are installed.

Installation of security and fences

Prior to the placement of the panels, the security and surveillance system of the plant, consisting of perimeter fence and the security video cameras, must be installed.

Panels installation

Finnaly, the panels are placed and the plant is commissioned.