On 24 October 2008, Grupo Zaragozá started to operate in the photovoltaic market in Italy. With dedication, passion and quality, we have celebrated 12 years in Italy contributing to the generation of clean energy, through photovoltaic solar plants (Development, E.P.C. and O&M)

First of all, we would like to thank and value all our partners, land owners, banking professionals and financial institutions for their support and cooperation. It has been a pleasure to discover, together with all of them, a country open to the world, energetic, modern and dynamic.

Starting our business trajectory in Italy with 1 MWp solar plants, we are currently building 50 MWp projects. After these 12 years of dedication and effort, we are proud of the road travelled, but we are especially excited about the new projects in our portfolio that will increase our contribution to a more sustainable world.

Our 12th anniversary action in Italy in numbers:

  • 18 EPC projects completed
  • Currently 28 O&M projects.
  • More than 300 MWp of projects in development with different phases of evolution.

These are our results and challenges, although at Grupo Zaragozá we know that the main capital is the talent of all of those who make it happen.

We are committed to people, to set up a cooperative team, with high creative strength and dedication, contributing to the different projects according to the different missions, promoting individual growth on a personal and professional level.

Together, we celebrate this 12th anniversary in this market in Italy.


“we have a history, we are present, we create future”