Grupo Zaragozá

Who we are

“….We have history, we’re present, creating future”

Zaragozá Group is a group that has grown and adapted to the business opportunities that have arisen.

Nowadays, we prioritize our business on the renewable energy market, more specifically to develop, build and maintain photovoltaic plants, maintaining a sustainable and profitable growth based on our own philosophy of service and quality, a strong social commitment and innovative business strategies.

Business ethics

We believe in doing the right things to ensure a better quality of life.

The challenges we face always start with a search of the current needs of the individual and of society so that we may enjoy a better life. To do this we adapt to every situation with flexibility and analysis, assessing at all times that our actions do not compromise future generations.

Our main objective is to offer alternatives in ways to create sustainable development throughout all of our activity areas, participating in projects aimed at creating functional spaces with respect for our surroundings.

In order for us to complete our commitments, we rely on a set of values:

  • Social responsibility
  • Respect for the environment
  • Customer Orientation
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Excellence in the achievement of objectives
  • Professionalism

The people

In the ZARAGOZA GROUP we are committed to making people feel a part of our team and what we are doing whilst also giving them the opportunity to grow with us and evolve both professionally and personally.

The creativity of the people who work with the Group is the daily delivery of each one of them; the ability to adapt to changes in the environment which we live in as well including the certainty of them feeling valued and appreciated by the company.

For the team to work properly, each and every one of its components of is important, each of them playing a key part in meeting our goals,being the combined work of every person which allows us to grow and evolve together.


Our organization contributes with its activity to take care of the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and, therefore, actively combating climate change.

Always looking for a sustainable business growth, we focus our efforts on the constant improvement of our environmental sustainability through the achievement of the objectives regarding our integrated policies, among which are:

  • Environmental training of all our employees
  • Maximum reduction of the environmental impact resulting from the construction of photovoltaic plants.
  • Reduction of the organization’s carbon footprint (*).
      • 183.146.287,75 kWh Clean energy produced
      • 126.370,94 TN CO2 avoided

(*) Data updated yearly.