Grant from the Generalitat Valenciana

The Territorial Service for the Promotion of Employment in Valencia – Dirección Terrirorial de Consellería Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo de Valencia de la GENERALITAT VALENCIANA; has decided to grant ZARAGOZÁ MEDIENERCO, S.L.,  for recruitment in the context of the programmes for the promotion of employment within the territorial area of the Valencian Community.

ECOVUL – 2019

Programme  to promote the indefinite recruitment of certain vulnerable groups in the territorial area of the Valencian Community.  People at risk of social inclusion, long-term unemployed, over 50 years, women and / or people with functional diversity

  • File No:             ECOVUL/2019/289/46
  • Amount granted: 23.940,00 €

ECOGJU – 2019

Aid Program for the initial indefinite hiring of young people.  “AVALEM JOVES – Garantía juvenil”

  • File No:             ECOGJU/2019/151/46
  • Amount granted: 23.940,00 €



Collectives of unemployed people targeted by the Operational Program of the European Social Fund 2014-2020 of the Valencian Community within the Priority of Investment 9.1 (active inclusion, promoting equal opportunities, active participation and improving the possibility of finding a job ) of Thematic Objective 9 (promoting  social inclusion and fight against poverty and any form of discrimination)


Financing entity

Financing entity