Grupo Zaragozá offers various project development services that support both investors and private clients as well as governments in achieving its energy objectives.


Grupo Zaragozá specializes in the development and production of “turnkey” engineering projects, on ground or rooftops all over the world.


Our objective in maintenance operations is to keep the facilities operating at optimum conditions, 365 days a year.


About us

«20 years creating history, being present, and building future»

We, Grupo Zaragozá, are a business group that has grown and adapted to emerging business opportunities. Currently, we prioritize our activities in the renewable energy market, specifically in the development, design, construction, and maintenance of photovoltaic plants in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

We maintain sustained, profitable growth based on our own philosophy of service and quality, strong social commitment and an innovative business strategy.

Our mission is to drive the shift to more sustainable energy, reducing the carbon footprint and providing cost-effective solutions for our clients.

In short, Grupo Zaragozá’s work has a positive impact on society at an environmental, economic and social level, while demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and the community’s well-being.

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MW in development in Italy


MW in development in Greece