The GRUPO ZARAGOZÁ offers various project development services that support both investors and private clients as well as governments in achieving its energy objectives.

A highly qualified team of engineers, designers and financial professionals develop a complete project from the start to its connection to the network, and at the same time achieving the government incentives or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), ensuring the performance of their investments.

The phase of study and development of projects is composed by:

  • Selection, analysis and study of the terrain and local characteristics
  • Feasibility study for the evacuation of generated energy
  • Study of potential production
  • Technical feasibility study
  • Financial feasibility study
  • Legislative study and processing of permits and authorizations

Our Group has proven experience and fully trained staff to meet the needs of each customer, developing its projects with individualized designs, performing them with the most optimal, reliable and durable construction solutions and thereby keeping our quality mark down to the smallest detail.