Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy of ZARAGOZA MEDIENERCO, S.L.

Zaragoza Medienerco S.L., a company whose main objective is to offer alternatives to create a sustainable development in all its areas of activity, states that the Quality, Conservation and Protection of the Environmental is a common goal in each of the organisation’s activities, more precisely in the Development, Design, Construction and Maintenance of photovoltaic installations.

The Management of the Company is committed to establishing, implementing and keeping updated Quality and Environmental Policy through an Integrated Management System in accordance with the standards UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015.  All with the purpose of:

    • Meeting our customer’s needs, respecting specifications and particular requirements.
    • Ensuring the training of our workers to guarantee the correct performance of their activities.
    • Minimizing environmental impacts of our activities.
    • Adhering to regulations, regulatory and legal requirements, and other requirements applicable to our business all over the world.
    • Promoting environmental responsible behaviours among our stakeholders.
    • Preventing emergency situations and environmental pollution, continuously improving our response capacity.

To meet all the above commitments, the Management provides the Integrated Management System with:

    • Technical & economic resources and human support necessary to implement and keep updated the system.
    • The tools for planning and controlling activities, processes and internal services to reduce pollutant emissions and waste production, giving priority to prevention over correction.
    • The channels that facilitate the stakeholders the access to the information of the system implemented in the company.

Further, with the establishment of the measurable objectives, which will be periodically verified during management reviews, we want to underline and record the engagement of the Company Management with the continuous improvement.

The Quality and Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees and stakeholders.  The Company has all the necessary means to ensure that it is understood and implemented.

This Policy has been approved by Vicente Zaragozá Zaragozá as CEO of the Company on 22 June 2020.

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